How to Tune Up Your Air Conditioning

How to Tune Up Your Air Conditioning

Keeping your air conditioning is not a complicated task, it is important to follow these steps

The filters and ventilators of an air conditioning unit require regular maintenance for the unit to operate efficiently throughout its life. Neglecting the maintenance ensures a steady decline in the performance of the air conditioning, at the same time an increase in the consumption of energy.

From Midea, we bring you a compilation of steps to follow to put the air-conditioning before the start of the heat. Follow these tips now and you will be able to enjoy a good time without worries.

Before anything, find the manual of the air conditioner, because each device has its own particularities and there are tasks that are performed differently depending on the model.

  1. Turn off the switch of the air conditioner in the electrical panel of your home to be able to perform the maintenance in a safe manner.
  2. Check the cables for your installation if they have been disconnected or have suffered some damage during the off period, as well as the piping of the outdoor unit.
  3. Remove dirt from the outdoor unit. To be outside of the housing, it is possible to store leaves, dirt or other elements that lead to a decrease of system capacity and a reduction in the flow of air. Take them down to improve its functioning.
  4. Take control of your air conditioning system and selects the mode of operation for a fan, and leave it turned on for about half an hour to remove the dust and dirt that may have accumulated during the months of inactivity in the blades.
  5. Clean the condenser of the air conditioning. The evaporator of the air conditioning and the condenser accumulate dirt when not in operation. This debris hinders the airflow and insulates the coil, reducing the capacity to absorb heat.
  6. Performs cleaning of the filters.

This is the task of the most important maintenance that will ensure the efficiency of your air conditioning system. The clogged filters and dirty block normal airflow and significantly reduce the efficiency of the system. With normal airflow obstructed, the air that passes through the filter can carry dirt directly. Replace a dirty filter and clogged by a clean one can reduce the energy consumption of your air conditioner by between 5% and 15%. Some types of filters are reusable; others must be replaced.

Air conditioners Midea have a double filter that neutralizes odors in the environment, and at the same time, through static electricity, they end up effectively with bacteria, dust and allergens. Cleaning is a fairly straightforward task, one must open the cover of our split inside and out of the filter holder, then use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust particles and brush it with plenty of water and neutral soap. To dry it you should use a dry cloth and avoid that receives direct sunlight or near any source of heat.

Remember that it is necessary to make a periodic review of our air conditioning equipment to be able to enjoy a maximum performance of these.

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