10 Best Air Conditioners For The Summer

10 Best Air Conditioners For The Summer

We know that seeking air conditioning internet can be a challenge in a market in which we find more than 20 brands and multiple models. It is for this reason, that as professionals that we are, we want to show you the best air conditioners for the summer 2019 and that will be a lot easier to choose your team.

From ClimaPrecio we thought we’d do a comparison between the 10 best air conditioners found on the market today.

Most of the brands have displayed their catalogue for this year to 2019, which are different in terms of features, design, size…


What’s new for 2020

As a novelty we bring the following appliances is the introduction of the new gas R32, this is due to the new law of gases. The gas R32 is more efficient than the gas R410A going to be less polluting, as always, encouraging care of the environment.

Another novel improvement that incorporates these devices is the Inverter technology, as habréis seen those you have researched, the Inverter technology is included in most products. The function of this technology is to reduce the noise level and decrease the performance of air showing on the invoice of the light.

Another great innovation that could almost be classified as an advantage is the possibility to control the air conditioning using a Smartphone this allows you to turn on/off the air without being at home in case of being outside of the space.

As we discussed earlier, there is a great variety of Split air conditioning units so that it becomes difficult to choose one because at a glance do not differ from each other, but those that control a little of the subject or have been investigating if they notice quickly the characteristics that companies are looking for exclusivity in their appliances to stand out and rise to the top.

It should be noted that many of the following appliances are available with a high quality/price so you will confuse the customers, as these will have to be based on its features.

In the next post we will discuss the main features and is indicative to the list, we don’t want to disparage other appliances. The value of 1 to 5 is indicative, that is to say, not because the one is better than the two. Let us be carried away by these machines, by the evolution of the sector.

Without further ado, let’s start with the classification of the best air conditioners of 2019:


10 Best Air Conditioners

Giatsu Aroma 2 12 R32, best price-quality ratio


Then we’re going to try the Split 1×1 aroma 2 r32 which have a high energy efficiency of A++/A+++. An account with the gas 32.

Giatsu is in favour of preserving the environment.

Has night mode to keep the biggest financial savings possible on the invoice of the light, not only economic savings but with the turbo mode.

It is one of the best splits in terms of quality/price.

These splits come computers with wifi which is an optional choice, giving the possibility of controlling the computer through the mobile, as we discussed earlier, with the gas 32 which is not detrimental to the noise level.

Is a unit ultra-quiet able to operate at low sound pressure thanks to the reduction that has the fan?

You can purchase this device for only 359€. We believe that it is one of the best air conditioners on the market.


LG Comfort 12 R32, the maximum guarantee


Below we present the first product of LG in this list. This product stands out for its innovative design as it has a fine and detailed finish that placed in the top.

The main feature is the saving of energy, said device has the Inverter technology which adjusts the compressor speed to maintain the temperature levels desired.

The inverter range of LG range is more advanced in terms of energy-saving because it saves more energy than a conventional compressor.

Conditioners LG to turn work around noise levels very low due to the fan-oblique-lg and to the technology of BLDC motor eliminates the noise needed, by promoting the comfort and enjoyment of the client.

Said apparatus comprises a sound pressure of only 19 dB

The device brings with it a corrosion resistant coating that does not have any product, as this prevents corrosion, prolonging the useful life of the product.

The time has come to talk about their detailed design. Features a modern design and discreet, making installation easy and clean thanks to the filter. An account with a screen concealed which checks the consumption of energy.

This model is characterized by making a cooling 2 times faster by expelling the hot air.

It also has the function of Active Control Power allows you to select the level of energy consumption in the function of the situation. Save energy and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and fresh.


Haier GEOS+ GREEN 35, a wise decision


The air conditioning Haier Geos+ Green 35 is manufactured with good materials and this has satisfied the needs of consumers.

To others this appliance is fitted with the gas R-32; the most efficient way, ecological and economic market, is currently the more gas used because it does not affect the environment.

It also gives you the ability to control your computer through your Smartphone/Tablet for more comfortable handling.

Silent mode, the device has the function of Quiet, its parameters can be configured to automatically reduce fan speed…

Features the Inverter technology that makes it possible to cope with the shot of the energy consumption, since their ducts have been specially designed to prevent the noise to be unnoticeable.

Controls the scales of temperature to always keep the temperature more beneficiary

This has air conditioning system Haier, are capable of supplying air at a greater distance due to the optimized design of the fan and duct.


GREE Fair 12, high technology at a good price


The range FAIR is one of the latest of GREE, stands out for its efficiency and advanced technology so that it is at the higher end of the market. Stands out for its easy installation and maintenance what produces a greater sense of comfort.

The model Fair 12 has a prominent design which produces an elegant and exclusive, in case outside little, the device brings with it control via WIFI.

The appliance Fair 12 brings with it maximum energy efficiency (A+++) in both cold both hot.

The model Fair 12 brings a great innovation in the market for Wifi control, gives you the possibility to decide in each moment when to close and open the air from your remote control. In this way, you avoid having to leave it switched on before you leave home to keep the area warm in winter or cool in summer, as you can schedule the time at which to turn on or turn off with the high energy savings that this implies in your electricity bill.

The model comes with a remote control which integrates a sensor capable of perceiving the environmental temperature to regulate the temperature of the air conditioning, so in the case of summer, the air does not get to produce too much cold, and if it is winter does not produce excessive heat.

The model Fair 12 has a high sound reduction, as well helps in the reduction of noise pollution and in turn promotes well-being.

Includes a mode called “Out of Home”. With this mode prevents the temperature that is prevalent in the environment decrease of 8, thus allowing the protection of both the building as the pipes of the local, this mode gives you the peace of mind necessary for the protection of your home/local


Panasonic KIT FZ-35, cutting-edge technology


A particular feature of the air conditioners FZ from Panasonic is the use of the gas R32 in collaboration with the environment.

An account with a power of 3,4 kW and account with one outdoor unit able to work in situations with extreme temperatures.

An account with the Filter FZ, the air is expelled, passing through the filter which separates the bacteria, dust mites… the fresh air.

All those agents that may be hazardous are also removed.

Panasonic is characterized by its Inverter technology which achieves a controlled temperature and minimal noise, promoting a space more relaxing and promoting the comfort of the client.

Features an energy efficiency A++/A++, both in cold and in heat.

Brings a so super quiet that not more than 20 dB

Buy one for just 494€ and will be acquiring one of the best air conditioners from 2019.


Mitsubishi Electric MSZ HR 35 , the best of its kind


This device seems to have been brought from another planet. Mitsubishi has not left indifferent to their products through to market this exclusive product. In charged to cover the needs of the most demanding.

Trying to in the first place the Efficiency: The Mitsubishi MSZ HR 35 account with only 2719 kcal in cold, while in heat 3096. An efficiency A++/A+ so that automatically counts with a reduction in consumption.

Mitsubishi offers a compact and of dimension reduced as its interior dimensions are 290x799x238mm while the exterior of 538x699x249

As the apparatus commenting above also has a filter for the cleaning and purification of air.

In terms of sound quality is listed as a silent and has 22 db.7

Mitsubishi has evolved technologically over its products, allowing the compatibility with the Wifi interface and connection to M-Net to promote its ease of use and to make them accessible to all kinds of people.

In regards to your setup, a big data is a technology to Replace that offers Mitsubishi this means that you can use the previous installation, in this way facilitating the process.


Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP35, quiet and modern


We continue with the range of products Mitsubishi MSZ as it continues to comply with the needs of the most demanding by offering high performance, low noise and compact design.

In terms of efficiency so you only have 3010 kcal the cold while in the heat 3440. With an energy rating of A++/A+ to increase the feeling of comfort.

Its compact design allows it to be easy to assemble since it has an internal dimension of 299x798x195mm and external dimensions of 550x800x285mm

This appliance has a stylish design and exclusive due to its destallados finishes and colour proling.

Like the Mitsubishi, this model also includes the air filter, which is unnecessary to speak again of him already that is explained above.

The apparatus of Mitsubishi Is highly sound already that you won’t even know, nor that this, so the only 19db.

Allows for the configuration of the team throughout an emanating due to your scheduler weekly, this way you don’t have to worry about plugging it in and pay for it all the time as this will be done automatically.

It also has the technology Replace to the installation of your new appliance without the need to fight the installation.

You can get this product from 598€ and is one of the most intelligent as it is one of the best air conditioners on the market.


Fujitsu ASY 35Ui LLCE, the best-selling novel


Then we bring in the fourth place to the Fujitsu ASY 35Ui LLCE, which offers great performance in terms of quality/price.

In the first place, if we discuss the efficiency the computer offers a power of up to 2924 Kcal in cold and 3440 in heat, it also has an efficiency of the A++/A.

The device Fujitsu LLCC has a fine design which consists of thin lines and soft and led display informing of the time and temperature.

Its interior dimensions are 820x206x262 while the outdoor unit of 663x293x535mm. Bringing with it ease in assembly and transport.

Unlike the previous products do not incorporate air filters.+

In terms of sonority has a noise level of 22db.

As advantage has a cost-effective way to help in the electricity bill due to the reduction of energy produced by the programmer hours in order not to alter the consumption.

It consists of a standard installation.

And it is possible to get it for a bargain price of 432€. Although it has been a success of sales in 2018, we have put at position 8 by not including gas, R-32, but it is still one of the best air conditioners of the moment.


DAIKIN TXC35B, R32 at the best price


Daikin presents one of the best air conditioners in the year 2019, the model TXC35B that is presented as a product of known brand at a price more than acceptable, taking into account the technology which includes gas-R32.

With dimensions of 288x770x231 mm is converted in a computer of reduced dimensions suitable for placing in almost any room. It offers a cooling capacity of 3000 BTU, suitable for any living room or stays for up to 30m2. Also accompanied by an energy label A++, and their low noise level becomes a standard option.


Mitsubishi Electric MSZLN-35 VG, the design more avant-garde


We present the third product from the range Mitsubishi which stands out for the proportion of pure air. This product is efficient because it has an efficiency A+++/A++ cold 3010kcal and heats 3440 kcal.

An account with the design of large size in comparison with the previous because it has more alberga dura.

Features dimensions interior 307x890x233mm while accounting with a foreign 550x800x2850mm by promoting their ease of transport and assembly.

With the filter system Plasma Quad, which is efficient in the removal of bacteria, viruses, dust mites…

By using an electric shock by familiarizing yourself with those who suffer respiratory diseases such as asthma… For if it were a little also eliminates bad smells like tobacco, dirty clothes…

In terms of sound level is low so only part of 21db.

The performance offered by this device in the programming is the ease of the on and off and the regulation of the temperature during different times of the day.

An account with the saving mode which is reflected on the invoice of the light since the saving mode controls the consumption.

The installation is easy because of the technology Replace to replace the old machines without having to change the old installation.

This product is 1435€. We have decided to leave it in last place due to its price but given the technology and quality that includes could be considered the best air conditioners today.

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