10 best air conditioners portable comparison and guide

10 best air conditioners portable comparison and guide

When the heat hits hard, the best thing is to have a home with climate control or air conditioning… but this is not always possible.

The classic split AC is a good proposal, but they are expensive and require the work of installation, something that’s supposed to ask for permissions, and extra investment. In addition, if you are in a rental home, it is quite possible that the owner does not want to take care of that investment.

So, what can you do? The solution to your problem is a portable air conditioner for three reasons basic:

  1. It is much cheaper than the AC fixed installation.
  2. If you install it on the window, you do not need to do the work.
  3. If you run out of a rental contract, or you’re going to spend a season in another house, you can take it with you.

If you’re thinking about buying a portable air conditioner, we have prepared a comparison of the best models on the market to help you make a good decision. To give you more options, we’ve also included some cooler air.

At the end of this article, you will find a complete buying guide that you should read so that you have very clear what features you should evaluate before you buy your portable air conditioner.

The 10 best air conditioners portable

Ren Fox

A mini fan to cool air for use in short distances.Cooling: –

We started this list with a mini fan that, while not strictly a portable air conditioner, it is an ingenious solution to keep on hand. The Ren Fox is a fan desktop cooling air, thanks to a tank of water with ice. As you say, is not a substitute for air conditioning but will give you a break when you’re working in front of the computer, or if you put it on the bedside table of the bedroom.

The grace is that it is very small and weighs very little. Has a top handle to move the site without problems, so you can take it “because” where you want to.

The consumption is also minimum, as it is connected via USB cable. If you don’t have a computer nearby, includes a plug adapter.

You can use it just as a fan or as a fan of water. It has a deposit of 400 millilitres, which filled with water from the fridge or with ice and which the level of water you know thanks to a small window in the tank.

The programming is very simple: 3 fan speeds, with rotating or fixed direction of air. And it also has a timer to shut off in 2 hours or 4 hours, especially useful if you use it in the bedroom at night and you fall asleep with the fan on.

As a detail can turn on a LED light with 7 different colours, which is very relaxing, for example, at bedtime.

If not you can, or want, to install a portable air conditioner but need a little extra cold, the cooler air RenFox is a cheap solution and with a minimum of energy consumption.


  •  Small and handy
  •  Little consumption
  •  LED lights colours


  •  Doesn’t cool like an air conditioning


Klarstein Skys creper Ice


For those who want to cool a room without a meter is a great device that occupies a lot of space. Cooling: –

Do you want to chill at home but you can’t install an AC or even in the window? Do you want a small appliance that doesn’t take up too much space in the room? Then the Klarstein Skyscraper Ice will interest you. We are in front of a tower fan that takes up a very little bit and that will give a modern air to the room thanks to its design.

It is not a conditioner as such (you can’t regulate the temperature by degrees), but that cools the air by vaporizing water cold. It is, therefore, suitable for dry climates. But if the environment already has a lot of moisture, increase it will not fix the problem, so that it would not be the best option for you.

The handling of this tower is very intuitive, using a backlit display and includes a small remote control is handy if you don’t want to get up.

The programming includes a timer for automatic shutoff up to 7.5 hours which can be adjusted in steps of half an hour.

Let’s look at its main features:

  • It has 4 functions: cooler, fan, humidifier and air purifier.
  • The capacity of the water tank: 6 litres.
  • Includes 2 accumulators of a cold to put in the freezer.
  • 3-speed levels and 3 modes of operation: normal, night, and natural.
  • Cooling and humidification are optional.
  • Turn the fan up to 180°.
  • Ionizer of air to eliminate odors and germs.

In summary, as a fan, it takes up little and offers what you can expect from an air cooler. We insist that it is not an AC but, if you have got this clear, the Klarstein Skyscraper Ice did not disappoint.


  •  Design modenro
  •  Water tank large capacity
  •  Air purifier


  •  Not cooled as much as air conditioning
  •  You can’t regulate the temperature by degrees
  •  It is not recommended to use as a fan of water in humid climates


Icy Air


An air conditioner by evaporation without air conditioning to cool the room.Cooling: –

First, a warning: despite its appearance, with the Icy Air you’re not buying a portable air conditioner but rather a charge-air cooler. The price should already give you a clue about this, because it is considerably cheaper than an AC, as very portable that is. The operation is very simple: the fan vaporizes water from a tank of 4.5 litres. If you want the water to be colder, you can refrigerate a bag of ice waterproof or directly with ice cubes. The drop of cold water in the atmosphere produces an “effect breeze” to lower a little the temperature of the room.

If you don’t want the additional moisture, you can use it simply as a fan. Choose one of its 3 speeds and let the air direction, fixed or with swivel motion to find the best way to cool off.

It has a small remote control and a timer up to 7.5 hours but the eye, is continuously adjustable, that is to say, only you can leave it programmed in a single mode of operation.

To have the function of a humidifier, it is only recommended for use in areas of dry climate. In a humid climate, the cold air lasts a little and the humidity remains, worsening the thermal sensation.

The advantage compared to an air conditioner is that it does not need installation, so you can wheel it around the different rooms of the house easily thanks to their handles and wheels. It is important, that yes, the room should have some type of ventilation (e.g. an open door, for example) to prevent the moisture from condensing.

The Icy Air has, in addition, a water filter and other dust that help keep the air clean.

Without being the ultimate solution in hot climates, the Icy Air can be a good reinforcement for people who suffer from the use of the air conditioning or do not want to invest too much money in air-conditioning.


  •  Cheaper than an air conditioner
  •  No installation needed
  •  Has air filter


  •  Not cooled as much as air conditioning
  •  Timer continuous regulation
  •  Not recommended for its use as a fan of water in humid climates


Klarstein New Breeze 7


An air conditioner that is as easy to cool down rooms of average size.Cooling: 2.200 btu / 8.800 BTU

Enter in the field of AC laptop. If yours is not up to schedule appliances complicated, the Klarstein New Breeze 7 has many points to be what you’re looking for: a climate control simple that starts at the time with its on/off button. From there you can, if you want to use the air conditioner, regulate the temperature between 16 and 30 degrees. And, if not, you can stick with the function fan or humidifier.

If we talk about cooling capacity, the manufacturer does not give the exact figure, but we have calculated approximately 2,200 btu. For the price is very reasonable and can serve for a medium-size room, about 22 m2.

You will see that it has a way of drying but, don’t be fooled by the name: in reality, it refers to dry out the water tank, not to dehumidify the room. Depending on the climate in which you are not you will be interested in this additional moisture, as it increases the sensation of heat. So if you choose this option, remember that you’ll need to empty the tank by hand.

If you want to lower the humidity of the environment, the air conditioning is already doing without having to ask them.

As for the fan, it works regardless of the functioning AC, with 3 levels of wind and airflow direction adjustable.  If you don’t want to give directly, you can manually adjust the vertical louvres, or leave it with swing horizontal auto for that turn only, spreading the air around the room.

At bedtime, you can activate the Night Mode, which maintains a constant temperature in the room, although the noise is not too low and maybe you find it to be annoying. You can also program the auto-off timer up to 10 hours, leaving it to cool down the room at the beginning of the evening and then turn off to let yourself rest deeply.

The programming it has seemed to us very simple and you can change it both from the integrated control panel as from the remote control.

Although it has wheels, if you want to move it around from room is not as comfortable as it is missing a few handles on either side.

The Klarstein New Breeze 7 is an appliance-simple but of good operation, without complicated programming, and it simply cools well. What more can you ask for?


  •  Good relationship quality-price
  •  Airflow regulable
  •  Easy to set up and use


  •  Does not include adapter window
  •  Does not have handles to move it with greater ease


Cecotec Force Weather 7050


For those who seek a fan, refrigerated and dehumidifier brand at a good price.Cooling: up to 1,800 btu / 7.000 BTU

The air conditioning Force Climate Cecotec is very similar to the version 9250, which you’ll find a little further up on our list, with one important proviso: it does not have heat option. That is to say, only allows for cooling, ventilation and dehumidifier.

The cooling capacity is measured at 1,800 btu to 7,000 BU. You served, therefore, to cool stays about 20 m2 although his power has seemed a fair bit.

You can program it 24 hours and regular features such as its 2-speed or the flow rate of air, which can reach up to 300 m3/hour.

You can also program the Night Mode. This feature has found it very useful because of very low noise level and reduces the temperature and the flow rate of air, something that is appreciated so they don’t dry out your throat and you can rest with a constant temperature and pleasant.

It is a good option if you want to change the room often, as it weighs relatively little and is comfortable to carry thanks to its side handles and wheels.

We believe that it is practical, in addition, that includes a kit window to install the exhaust pipe, by reducing the air leaks.

In terms of maintenance, it has a timer so that you know when the tank is full. It is very easy to empty, with a small spigot to which you then put a container underneath. It is also convenient to access the filters for cleaning (remember this is basic to maintain energy efficiency and reduce consumption).

Like the Force, the Silence, the Force of Climate is sold as ultra-quiet, but its 65 dB are within the average, so don’t rely too much on: what you’re going to notice when it works, something that is inevitable in any device of this type.

For a price that is around 200€, the portable air conditioning Cecotec Force Weather 7050 meets our expectations.


  •  Includes kit window to install the exhaust pipe
  •  Night mode more silent and with reduction of the temperature and airflow rate
  •  Lightweight (less than 20 kg) to move with comfort


  •  It is not ultra-quiet, since that makes some noise


Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8


An air conditioning powerful that need little maintenance.Cooling: 2.000 btu / 8000 BTU

The Dolceclima Compact 8 is Olimpia Splendid, a brand that is perhaps little known in Spain but has spent more than 50 years experience in the HVAC industry. With that background, this portable air conditioner features a very correct, with three basic functions: air conditioner, fan and dehumidifier. It has a cooling capacity of 8000 BTU, which is equivalent to approximately 2,000 btu, which will allow you to cool rooms of about 20 m2, maybe a little more if you don’t need a very low temperature.

If that power falls short, maybe what you need is the Dolceclima Compact 10, with 10,000 BTU/2500 btu. Although for our taste the difference of price with the Compact 8 is too much, you can consider this option if you do not want to risk buying something that is small or does not encompass the entire room.

What more we liked the Compact 8 is that it does not have a deposit that you have to empty since that automatically removes condensation through the vent pipe.

Therefore, the maintenance is very simple: you only have to take care of cleaning the filter from time to time that, in addition, it is easy to access, it is released with a click and is washed under the faucet.

In addition, it has three usage modes: automatic, night and turbo. To control them you have an LCD display on the device itself, plus remote control. Both allow you to schedule with a time limit of 12 hours.

The assembly is very intuitive and includes a kit to attach the vent pipe to the window. In order to transport it from one room to another, you can easily move your 22.5 kg of weight thanks to the side handles and wheels.

To mode of valuation, the Dolceclima Compact 8 offers a great relationship quality-price to cool rooms of average size.


  •  There is not emptying the water tank
  •  Kit window included
  •  Compact design and easy to carry


  •  Does not work as a heater


Trotec 2010

An air conditioning-heater with warranty German.Cooling: up to 1,800 btu / 7.000 BTU

Maybe you won’t sound the trademark Trotec, but do not think that you are to a stranger. It is a German company that responds to what one expects of such a nationality: reliability, toughness and confidence. The Trotec 2010 can be the solution to your problems if you live in a climate where you need an extra cold in the summer and another heat in the winter. Which is why it is a 4-in-1: cooling, heating, ventilation, dehumidifier.

And, in addition, has a very simple operation:

  • A panel with LED display and buttons of the membrane so you don’t have to do force when pressing
  • Remote control
  • Programming and a 24-hour timer, auto power-off
  • Air outlet with adjustable steering and 2 levels of flow
  • Automatic mode, in which simply setting the temperature that you want to get in the room and it self regulates to get it.
  • Emptying the water tank with drain hose
  • Air filter, anti-bacterial, which traps dust and animal hair

The noise level around 65 dB. It is a correct figure and it falls within what is usual in this type of appliances. It is just on the borderline of being annoying so that you will not be able to give a lot of “cane”, for example, if you want to see the tv in the living room.

As is usual, has transport wheels and side handles.

The only but that we can get this portable cooler is that it does not include a kit to install it in the window, although it won’t be difficult to find one that’s compatible, as their measures are standard.

In short, the Trotec 2010 is a good choice if you want to have cold and heat at home, without having to do any works of installation.


  •  Cooling and heating in a single device
  •  Filter, dust-proof and antibacterial
  •  Practical Auto Mode which self-regulates only


  •  Does not include the mounting kit in windows


Infiniton PAC 97


A portable air conditioner for large rooms and fairly quiet.Cooling: 2.500 btu / 9.800 BTU

The first thing that has called us the attention of this Infiniton CAP 97 is the noise level. Just 64 dB, which are frankly good for the 2,500 btu it can get. That is to say, a little noise for a lot of power, something that we will appreciate especially if you use it in the living room or in the bedroom for the night. The Infinity is focused on providing air conditioning in three modes: coolingfan and auto.  Mode fan is a fan, which will be very useful to keep air moving without having to pull the AC, controlling the energy consumption. Yes, here you will find the option of heating.

But that’s not all:

  • The Night Mode.  Generates less noise yet, since it works at low speed. Programs the ideal temperature and the temperature is rising a degree every two hours, stopping at two degrees.
  • Max Mode.  A push of cold to skip the temperature you have programmed by default. Don’t throw away much of this because you will notice in the invoice of the light.

The operation is with a control panel built-in LED on top and remote control for not having to get up every time you want to change the schedule. If you use the time to go to sleep, you will be very useful the off timer, which comes up to 24 hours.

It also has a warning that pops up when the water tank is full, to avoid dripping. And the filter, in the back, it is very accessible. It is important to remove it and clean it every two weeks, more or less, to ensure an efficient operation.

If you want to cool a large room (up to 30 m2) but want to keep the level of noise as controlled as possible, the Infiniton CAP 97 is a good choice.


  •  Good power
  •  A little quieter than the average (64 dB)
  •  Very good quality-price ratio
  •  Includes installation kit for the window


  •  Not allows you to regulate the direction of the air outlet
  •  You do not have the option of a heater


Cecotec Force Weather 9250


A climate control heat and cold to make the party all year.Cooling: 2.270 btu / 9,000 BTU

This portable air conditioner has four functions: refrigerator, vented, dehumidifier, and heater, so you can leave it installed in the summer and in winter. In addition, it incorporates the UltraSilence system trying to respond to users who do not hold high levels of noise, something that can be very annoying in rooms such as the living room, the bedroom or an office.

For that reason, emits around 65 dB, depending on the mode in which you use it. To give you an idea, it’s the noise you can expect in a cafeteria full. Not bad, and it certainly is not deafening, but in our opinion, we expected less noise.

If we leave this point aside, the truth is that this Cecotec has a good relation quality-price.

The maximum airflow is 350 m3/hour, which you can regulate in two speeds, and offers smart control with digital display and remote control for programming up to 24 hours. The cooling capacity is 2-2700 btu (9,000 BTU) to cool a room of up to 25m2.

If you are concerned about the part of the maintenance, with this Cecotec that is not a problem. Has system easy clean, so you can remove the filters without a problem and an indicator that warns you when the water tank is full.

In short, this Cecotec Force Weather 9250 is a good appliance to have installed throughout the year.


  •  Cleaning and maintenance simple
  •  Includes installation kit for the window
  •  With the option of a heater


  •  Does not have an LED screen
  •  It is not so quiet in spite of the system UltraSilence


De Longui Pac N90 Eco Silent


An AC portable, simple and very, very powerful.Cooling: 2.450 btu / 9.800 BTU

De Longui sounds safe for its coffee, of the best in his field; but in addition, the brand has a wide range of electrical appliance’s in kitchen and home. It is the case of this PAC N90 Eco Silent, a portable air conditioner that stands out by two main features:The power, 9,800 BTU, is one of the most high that you will see in this comparison. Will cool a room of up to 83 m3.

The level of noise, 64 dB, tells us that it is quiet, especially taking into account the maximum power. Think that is the same noise that others do with much less cooling capacity. If you use it to medium-low, you will hear him soon.

As is usual for an air conditioner, the N90 Eco Silent works as a de humidifierand is capable of filtering up to 34 litres in 24 hours. It is a lot of water, that is why it is interesting to know that it has no tank and that drains the moisture directly to the outside through the ventilation hose kit window includes.

You will see a plugin the bottom to empty the internal circuit, something that you should do when the end of the summer to keep it in good condition.

If you want to move it, has wheels and handles to go back with comfort.

At the top is the control panel, with thermostat and timer programmable up to 12 hours. For more convenience, you can also manage it with a small remote control.

It has seemed to us that does not allow a great level of programming, but it does enough to regulate the temperature to your taste or choose between 3 levels of air in the fan.

In general, this De Longue PAC N90 Eco Silent gives us a good feeling: the body looks robust and with good materials. If we add to this the power, we have one of the recommendations stars of our list.


  •  A power much higher than the average
  •  The low noise level in relation to its power
  •  Includes kit to install it in the window


  •  The high power is reflected in the price
  •  Programming functions are too simple


Our recommendations

The best portable air conditioning in quality-price: Trotec 2010

It is not the portable air conditioner cheaper than you’ll find on this list (so I read) but, in our opinion, the Trotec 2010 yes it is the one that has the best quality-price because it offers 4 functions in 1: the already typical of AC, fan and dehumidifier, add heat. This means that you can leave installed in the summer and in the winter, and to take advantage of throughout the year. For the price it has, it is a good deal.

We also like the automatic mode, in which you put the temperature of the room and the thermostat self-regulates to maintain constant.

In addition, the air filter anti-bacterial ensuring good environmental hygiene, as long as you take care of cleaning it when you touch.

The only but that I see is that it does not include the mounting kit in the window and, if you’re going to leave installed on a semi-fixed, it is important to do so in the conditions, leaving the output to the outside the more isolated possible.

Otherwise, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an AC and heater good performance at a better price than the Trotec 2010.


The best portable air conditioner cheap: Cecotec Force Weather 7050

If our air conditioning unit is portable because it is much cheaper than one that requires a fixed installation. But if even so, the price is a deciding factor, it is normal that we decide to go to a white brand, less well known but that can give us good result also. However, with the Cecotec Force Weather 7050, we can take home a brand guaranteed to not get a lot of money along the way. The price of this Cecotec is around 200 €, and get off of that price is difficult in any model.

That is cheap does not mean that it’s bad, quite the contrary. For that price, power, features and noise level are within the average, so you can be quiet.

If you are looking for some extra more, or you want to cool a very large room, it may not be your model (the extras and the power are to be paid). But if you want an air conditioner that will give you a reasonable result at a good price, you can look at the Cecotec Force Weather 7050 with good eyes.


The best portable air conditioner quiet: De Longui Pac N90 Eco Silent

Most air conditioners of this list are around 64/65 dB.  Also what makes the Delonghi Pac N90 Eco Silent, but the difference with other models is basic: the power of this AC portable is higher than the average. This means that with the same annoyance you get more cooling (at around the 2,500 btu), either because you want to lower the degrees of radical way, or because what you are going to use in a very large room.

That if you use it at maximum power, because if you leave it on silent mode, for example at night, you will notice it a little (something yes, it is inevitable).

Keep in mind, though, that the power goes up the price, and the brand also note when you pay, so that we are not before the appliance is more economical of our list.

But if the decibels and power, we add minimum maintenance, because you don’t have to empty the water tank, and a level of programming very simple, to not get confused with the buttons, the choice of AC portable and silent is clear: the Delonghi Pac N90 Eco Silent is our number 1.


The best portable air conditioner without hose: Klarstein Skyscraper Ice

We’ve already seen it, but it is important to be very clear: although you call air conditioning, if you do not have a tube that goes to the outside, you’re not going to achieve a level of cold is too high. If you have this clear, ahead with the purchase, because in addition, you will be saving a lot of money with respect to an AC traditional. Our recommendation is the Klarstein Skyscraper Ice for two reasons basic:

  • The size and the design in the form of a tower make it much more pleasing to the eye. If you’re not going to invest in an AC laptop, you don’t need a “dead” in the room, but something light and manageable.
  • Has a water tank of 6 litres, enough to not have to be pending to fill all the time.

We also like that it purifies the air with an ionizer, and that the handling is very simple, with that panel LED-backlit, again, gives a touch of design and remote control.

In short, if you want something more than a fan but something less than a portable air conditioner, the Klarstein Skyscraper Ice is our recommendation.


Guide to buying the best portable air conditioner

Are you preparing your house or office for when you get high temperatures? Buy a device that will help you to pass the weeks hottest of the summer is usually the solution. But, what?

The air conditioners are portable, a good choice basically because of three reasons:

  • Have a reasonable price (the devices are fixed much more expensive).
  • Do not require installation work (although yes some adaptation).
  • You can move them when needed (with some nuance that I’ll explain below).

Another option that they choose to many users are the air coolers, also (incorrectly)called air conditioning systems in some guidelines. Is not the same as a portable air conditioner and at times it causes some confusion.

To make the task we are going to explain to you what you have to have in account to choose the appliance of portable air conditioner you need to do (and not to screw with the purchase).


What is for you a portable air conditioner?

Is the device you need if:

  • Your apartment is rental and doesn’t want to make a fixed installation.
  • You have a limited budget.
  • What you need for a second residence that does not hang much, where you don’t have air with better features.
  • You have a small office or business premises.
  • You live in a building in which the community does not allow the installation of the compressors on the outside.

In any of these cases is a good option.


Types of air conditioners

To buy well the first thing you have to decide is what you want. So I’m gonna make a quick summary of the types of air conditioning that you can find in the market:

  • Split: composed of two parts, an inner, more quiet and compact, and a compressor outside that is the one that produces the cold (or the heat) and where it generates noise. Need professional installation and have a higher price. They also have more cooling capacity.
  • Window: composed of a single piece. They are cheaper than the split and also noisier (the compressor is built-in). To install them you need to make a hole the size of the device to encastrarlo, usually under a window.
  • Portable: they are the protagonists of this guide. Consist of a single mobile device (they usually have four small wheels), plus a hose with an exit to the outside. They are compact and inexpensive and its main advantage is that it does not require installation.

There are also other types of air conditioning, more complex, that use ducts hidden in the walls or in false ceilings, but we’re not going to stick with them in this guide.

Finally, I want to appoint you the coolers of air (also called evaporative coolers) because they are another option that you can shuffle. They are devices that cool air through the evaporation of water.

And, why I put them aside and not with others? Because, and this is important, the air cooler is not an air conditioner, but a kind of fan with a humidifier.


Portable air conditioner vs air Cooler (or evaporative cooler)

In fact, they are two different types of apparatus. However, it is quite common for users looking for a device with portability, the confused… and then take the disappointment.

When in doubt, there is a basic key to avoid mistakes:

An air conditioner always has one exit to the outside. If the device that you are going to buy do not have one, then it is NOT an air conditioner.

And, what is it? As another type of device that, with total probability, it fulfils its function, but does not cool as much as a BC.

What is an air cooler?

This is an appliance whose outer appearance is quite similar to a portable air conditioner. However, for that to work we just have to plug it to the electricity network. Nothing more.

Unlike a fan normal, the only thing that does is put the air in motion, the cooler cools the air using water vapour.

Has a deposit, usually in the back, to fill with water. It can get very cold or you can even add some ice cubes to be unravelling and to maintain the temperature.

The fact vaporize water makes it especially interesting in very dry climates, where simply increasing the humidity because we’re going to notice an improvement in comfort.

In addition, a cooler of quality has filters for purifying air before expelling it, the thing that does not have a fan for the whole life.

What are the main differences with an air conditioner? The cooler air:

  • It has a power consumption lower.
  • Can work with open windows to go to renew the air (this is interesting in the evenings).
  • You do not need an outside outlet.
  • And, finally, does not provide a level of cooling similar (or far) to an air conditioner.

Then do not work? Yes, they work… at their level. That is to say, you have to know what you’re buying.

A cooler improves the thermal sensation thanks to the circulation of moist air but does not cause the temperature of the room to drop a few degrees.

But if you just those functions, it may be a great purchase.


What is a portable air conditioner?

A portable air conditioner tends to be the choice of those who can not or do not want to carry out works of installation or go to this expense on a tight budget.

The truth is that it is a very good solution because, unlike swamp coolers, these devices THEMSELVES are air conditioning. In addition, it is quite cheaper than a split.

Its operation is this: the device takes the air out of the room (the windows must be closed), then cooled in the interior and out to cool the room.

In that process, generates a quantity of hot air has to be expelled through a hose which must have a route to the outside, usually through a window or door of a terrace.

There are several ways to install this exit, all are fairly simple:

  • You can install a rigid panel in the frame of the door or the window, with a hole for the hose. It is a recommendable method for sliding leaves, which simply closed up the panel.
  • For casement windows (hinged on one side) or oscilobatientes there are textile roofs insulation of very easy installation.
  • Another possibility, only if you are going to leave the device in a fixed location, is to cut the glass and seal the edges when you have set the outlet hose of air.

This is important: the device is portable, has transport wheels and can be moved from one room to another. But that is not as simple as unplugging a site and re-plugging in another, because you’re going to have to move the installation of the exhaust hose.


How to install a portable air conditioner

Before you buy, you must keep in mind two basic things:

  1. Studied the system you will be using for the exterior means before you purchase your appliance and do not leave it for the end. So you’ll avoid surprises.

Some models include the exhaust hose, adapter and window kit installation, but not all. So check yours and, if not, go choosing your system of adaptation.

So, when you have your new device at home you can put to work right away (and you’ll avoid surprises if you’re missing any parts).

  1. Put the device as close as possible to the window in which you are going to install the exterior means so that the tube has the lowest route possible.

Keep in mind that you are going to expel air at high temperature (if you’ve ever driven past the output of an air conditioner, you’ll know what I’m talking about) and you are not interested in having a heated tube within a room that you want cool.

For you to see it more clear, here’s a video that explains the simple installation of the kit window of a ac laptop:


Features to consider in order to buy your portable air conditioner

If you’ve already put hands to the work to choose your equipment of portable air conditioning, bear in mind these 5 key features:


It is the first thing you need to look at: how many square feet is the room you want to cool? The answer, as you serves as a first filter to begin with to rule out models.

In the market, you can find devices more simple for rooms of less than 15 m2 to other much more powerful that will guarantee more than 25 m2 to be cooled down.



It is a concept with which you’ll familiarize yourself right away as soon as you enter the world of air conditioners.

To put it in summary form is a unit of measure (BTU/hour) that indicates the capacity of the apparatus to absorb heat and cool a stay in an hour.

Therefore, the more BTU, the more cooling capacity (and also the appliance tends to be more expensive).

How do you know how many BTU do you need? Well, that depends on:

  • Influence of the square feet that need to be cooled.  Logically, if the room is larger, you’ll need more cooling capacity.
  • The orientation of the house or of the room. If you look to the south will be warmer and you’ll need more btu. And if the sun is touching him directly for several hours during the day.
  • The number of people that will usually (estimated to increase an average of 150 btu per person).

There is a standard to help you calculate. Is usually set as the average reasonable 100 btu per square meter.  Therefore, if you are going to put it in a room of 12 m2 you will need about 1,200 btu.

From this figure, a generic, you have to study your particular conditions (and sure that the figure will rise).

Important: some appliances of conditioning measure the cooling in BTUs, and not freezing. Is the system most used in anglo-saxon countries. Approximately, 1 frigoría = 4 BTU.



This is especially important if you plan to use it in the bedroom or in a room to study or work. You will notice that the split are much quieter because they have the compressor on the outside. But a portable air conditioner, having the main engine built-in, it will make more noise.

Keep this in mind before you buy. Even so, you can try to choose models with few decibels. The majority hovering around 65 dB.


Energy label

The consumption is important because you can be sure that will bump up your electricity bill. Therefore, the recommendation is always going to be that you choose one with energy rating A or A+.

It is normal that the new models since they are energy efficient but look the same in the specifications. Sometimes there are offers of old appliances to remove stock and then come the surprises in the bill at the end of the month.

Something that can help you to reduce the expense is to use the timer. The majority of models have it and it is practical to limit consumption, as they don’t leave power on the device if you will not paying attention for a long time.


Extra: heat pump

Not all devices are also used to calefactor, so, if you’re interested in that dual-use, you have to look for models that include it. They tend to be somewhat more expensive, but maybe what you spend on one side you save by not having to purchase a radiator.

It is also a good idea if you need to save space at home, by having the two functions in a single device instead of having them on two devices separately.


Maintenance tips

Finally, take care of your air conditioning unit portable so that it is in optimal condition for many years.

For that, the best thing you can do is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, secure in the handbook of instructions tells you all you need to do for good maintenance.

However, as a general rule, keep in mind always these two things:

  • Clean the filters regularly.
  • Prevents condensation of moisture, especially monitoring the appearance of rust, emptying the tank often and airing the room from time to time.

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